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Transform Your Experience with Advanced Water-Soluble Powders for Hemp and Cannabis.

Powder Nation provides licensing and oil-to-powder conversion services to the cannabis and hemp industries for more innovative products that will differentiate your brand.

Different from other emulsion and nanotechnology solutions on the market today

At Powder Nation, we’re pioneers in revolutionizing the cannabis and hemp industries. Our cutting-edge services, including oil-to-powder conversion and product innovation collaboration, powered by Capsoil’s groundbreaking technology, empower businesses to create differentiated products with enhanced stability and efficacy. Through our technology licensing program, we offer exclusive access to this transformative technology, enabling clients to produce high-quality formulations that meet evolving consumer demands. 

From edibles to topicals, discover the future of cannabis and hemp products with groundbreaking nanometric powder technology provided by our partner Capsoil.

What we do

Oil-to-Powder Conversion

Bring your own cannabis or hemp oil, and let us transform it into high-quality powder form using Capsoil’s innovative nanometric powder technology. This service ensures enhanced stability, improved bioavailability, and ease of use in a wide range of products.

Product Innovation

Collaborate with our team of experts to develop cutting-edge cannabis and hemp products using Capsoil’s groundbreaking technology. Whether you’re looking to create fast-acting edibles, precise dosing topicals, or other innovative formulations, we’ll work closely with you to bring your ideas to life and differentiate your brand in the market.

Technology Licensing

License Capsoil’s proprietary self-emulsifying nano powder technology to bring innovative cannabis and hemp products to market. Work with us to gain access to the technology and expertise for you to manufacture fast-acting, efficacious, and precise formulations with no unwanted taste or aroma.

Featured Partner

Capsoil's Nanometric Technology

Why Oil-to-Powder?

Powders are recognized as the most acceptable and preferred raw material for many industrial processes as they have significant advantages including:

Powder is also easier to handle, store and work with as it is much less sensitive to humidity, temperature, and oxidation.

How CannaPowder excels

Bioavailability is the portion of the active ingredient (API) in a drug or other substance that reaches systemic circulation unaltered, and therefore has an active effect.

Following are the results of independently conducted laboratory tests that compared the bioavailability in CannaPowder, Capsoil’s nanometric Cannabis powder, to CBD oil:

Client Spotlight

It's All About Choices

For a glimpse into the future of the edibles category and the flexibility of Capsoil technology, we developed over 100 SKUs for It’s All About Choices, a cannabis brand currently on dispensary shelves in California. 

From infused garlic mashed potatoes to ice cubes and chocolates, imagine what’s possible for your brand with Powder Nation. 

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